Council Members

Serving Glassel,Tornaveen and Torphins
After March 2014 AGM

Name Title
Helen PatersonSecretary
Colin RouseCouncillor
Cyril BellCouncillor
Sheila BlairCouncillor
Rosemary BruceMinutes Secretary
Eric DayTreasurer
Stewart PatersonCouncillor
Gordon PirieCouncillor
Gordon SmithCouncillor


"Vacancies still remain on the Committee.

Should you feel you can offer your services to help our community, please contact any Community Council Committee member who will be pleased to discuss."

Employers Liability Certificate

Planning Matters

Part of the Community Council function is to review and comment on proposed planning applications submitted in the area. These are listed, with recommendations or comments, in the monthly minutes.

Local planning applications that have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council can be found on the Aberdeenshire website listed under Marr, Linked here.

Bridge Crescent Update

The ongoing saga of Bridge Crescent seems to be concluded at last! Following the recent article in our local newspaper, Torphins Community Council (TCC) would clarify the plan: 1 year trial

Wind speed monitoring mast

One of the items that came up for discussion this week at the TCC meeting was an application to erect a 40m high wind speed monitoring mast on a hill behind Pitmurchie House. Although this isn't in the TCC area (Lumphann Community Council), it will be visible to most of Torphins Residents and will have a visual impact on the landscape. The application is from Andrew Bradford (Kincardine House) and his agent Green Cat Renewables, Biggar and would seem to be related to a wind farm project.

Members of the community can write and register comments. Closing date for public comments is 8th July 2010.

The link to the application is here.

Learney Hall

Proposals have been made to add onto the Learney Hall an additional smaller hall, together with altered Toilet and catering facilities. Have a look at the Learney Hall page for an outline.

Co-op and former Mother Hubbard Building

The Co-op has purchased the location of Mother Hubbard furniture store in the former U.F. Church. THere is a plan to relocate the present Morning , Noon and Night

APP/2010/2784 Showroom 
Craigour Road
AB31 4HE
Erection of Fascia Signage & Freestanding Totem Pole 
APP/2010/2781 Former Mother Hubbard Showroom 
Craigour Road
AB31 4HE
Formation of External Steps & Access Ramp, Two New Door Openings to Kincardine Road, Sub Division of Property to Form Separate Retail Units and Minor Alterations 
APP/2010/2785 Showroom 
Craigour Road
AB31 4HE
Sub Division of Existing Furniture Showroom to form separate Retail Unit, Formation of External Steps and Access Ramp, Formation of 2no. Door Openings and Alterations 

Local Plan Development

PLease see the Main Local Development Plan Page on this site